Jaguar Press Manifesto


Come, come, bring up the sun, bring colors—blue—and everything else to the world once dark and subdued. Revolutionists! We are calling you out.

The Jaguar Press is the throbbing avant-garde that has been alive since histories unwritten, stalking the psycadelic jungles that form the borderland between objective reality and our perception of it. It is a hub for the development and presentation of underground creative projects, a manifestation of the “subterranean currents of unrest.”1

Our mere observation and understanding of reality is insufficient to the project of human life and so we seek to produce. The Jaguar Press is a community portfolio dedicated to art and connectivity. The internet is our ferry, a seized media, wired to connect the people and our ideas—a frontier of human development. We’ll be in the streets too.

No one is free unless everyone is free. The Jaguar Press is a group dedicated to the synthesis of revolutionary art, bringing something back from the countless trips into the jungle, actualized for the present and the near future, interpreting the past and blazing paths. We are the media of social consciousness—“It is [art] of combat because it assumes responsibility.”2

We are dialectical materialist expressionism, socialist realism—artists, the dead. We are human animals, we are coyote, no, Jaguar Press.

-Editorial Staff

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3 Responses to Jaguar Press Manifesto

  1. jaguarpress says:

    Marla said…

    10/11/09 8:15 PM
    Michael said…

    Move it up!
    10/11/09 10:43 PM
    Jaguar Press, Ltd. said…

    1. Ngugi we Thiong’o.

    2. Frantz Fanon
    10/11/09 10:46 PM
    Dave Wrathall said…

    The internet is very important in bypassing the mainstream media. Keep up the consciousness
    10/12/09 12:24 AM
    rodallec said…

    Yeah! Do you need staff?
    10/14/09 2:13 AM

  2. jaguarpress says:

    “My mind’s my nine, my pen’s my mac-10” – Notorious B.I.G.

  3. jaguarpress says:

    The future of the press is slowly developing:

    And an events page!

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