Art And

The Beautiful
The Beautiful is that which makes us go “hmm” or “aah.” Actually it is what makes some people do those things and others explode from inside. People think Beauty is a Thing but it’s a process of hmm-ing and aah-ing and exploding.

The Artist
The Artist is the Hierophant. Their work is a rite and it uses magick that will make us go “hmm” or “aah” or explode. Some rites call for BLOOD.

The Art World
The trouble with the Art World is that there are so many. Actually it is that they bother to exist at all. Some are Alive, and some are pretend, but no matter the case they will and do tell you what Art is and means. They don’t know if Art needs to breathe. To me it is very simple: Art is a sixty-legged Arachnid in an empty park that barks like a louse dans l’hiver.

Telling is snaring.

Listening is what you should never do. Set me on fire and hold me in your bowels; I am the Ever Expendable and I will shriek to the Nothing of All.

-Omar Zahzah

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One Response to Art And

  1. Rodallec says:

    I like the ever-present breath of fresh air that is presented by Mr. Zahzah, truly he enjoys reviving things and creating the new. Oh those wonderful sounds that we use. Aah letters and lives. Iiih, what joys we can find in the infite.

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