Premier Winter Art Auction 2009 for Long Beach Rescue Mission


Jamie Karson

Saturday, December 12th
Opening at 12:00, auction at 5:00
2nd City Council Art Gallery
435 Alamitos Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90802

Long Beach Art Werks community action group, is teaming up with local artists, the Long Beach Rescue Mission (, and the public to throw an amazing charity art auction at the vibrant 2cc Art Gallery ( with music, refreshments, and much more. Art enthusiasts will convene for a live auction featuring dozens of beautiful and unique works from selected optimistic Long Beach, LA, and Orange County artists. 100% of event proceeds will go to benefit our local Rescue Mission, established in 1972 to help feed and shelter the less fortunate, providing them with a brighter future.

At night, most of us experience the streets in transit or through a window, but for some, the streets are home. Long Beach Art Werks is dedicated to inspiring social justice through public art engagement. Struggling against the odds, we have the chance with this event to transform our compassion for humanity into community action and extend our hands to the less fortunate. You’ve dropped coins into rattling cups, but now is a chance to give them change.

Featured Artists — Kelly Campanella, Jamie Karson, Dave Wrathall, Travis Ott-Conn, Katie Reinman, Eydie McConnell, Stephen Sotnick, Andrew Cortes, Kevin Flynn, and more to come!

Current Sponsors — Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach Rescue Mission, Roll Up Long Beach, KBeach Global Radio, Long Beach Union Weekly, Associated Students of Comparative Literature, and Jaguar Press.

Full Program Schedule

December 1st             — Deadline to donate art

December 9th and 10th    — noon-5 p.m. Prepare gallery/hang art

December 11th            — noon-5 p.m. Meet and greet, LBRM and LBAW

December 12th            — noon-7 p.m. Art viewing, auction at 5 p.m.

December 13th            — noon-5 p.m. Art viewing, take down at 3 p.m.

Long Beach Art Werks

Marketing/General Info                    Art Donations                           Sponsorships
Kyle Veremans                                    Michaël Veremans                   Ryan Smith
310.908.3177                                       310.426.0347                            714.650.6577

Sponsors — We are currently looking for sponsors of all types to help make this event a success. Whether you are a community or arts organization who wants to support the event by donating works and promoting, or an incorporated group interested in assisting the event financially, you can get involved. LB Art Werks encourages other local groups with similar interest to lend their support in any way. There is also a broad opportunity to help fund the event, either by donating money towards the overhead (facilities cost, chair rentals, etc.) or by donating specific items (wine, catering, etc.). Additionally, sponsors will have the opportunity have their logo or information on any web or print advertisements we produce and to represent themselves at the event. For more information on sponsorships, get in touch with Ryan.

Art — Artists and community art groups are invited to graciously donate works of art, particularly paintings, large prints, illustrations, sculpture, and other quality visual arts to the LB Art Werks Charity Art Auction. These works will be presented on the event website and at the 2nd City Council art gallery for the duration of the show and will be returned to the artist if unsold. The auction will be a great opportunity to connect with the large art enthusiast and artist communities and because of the non-profit nature of the event, we cannot compensate artists donating their works. The Jaguar Press ( will officially curate the event. If you would like to make a donation and get involved, or just get more art information, contact Michaël.

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8 Responses to Premier Winter Art Auction 2009 for Long Beach Rescue Mission

  1. jaguarpress says:

    Hey y’all,

    We here at the Jaguar Press are curating the event above, it’s our first charity event and will be an amazing experience, so if you want more information or to get involved, contact us!

  2. aneesah says:

    It’s all happening! : )

  3. jaguarpress says:

    Come join our facebook events page for the Charity Art Auction!

  4. Jim Lewis says:

    Thank you for your support of the LB Rescue Mission as we Help the Homeless ~ Changing lives. You are truly bringing art to life . . .

  5. Laura Karson says:

    Best Wishes to you & your Wonderful Event!!! I hope that the Art Auction exceeds your expectations!!! What truly loving & charitible gifts you are giving to those less fortunate… Good Will still abounds! 🙂 My only regret is that I cannot be in So.Ca. to attend this exciting day, see all the beautiful art & share in the joy it will bring! My heart is filled with pride to be the mother of one these talented, beautiful, & compassionate artists!

    Many Blessings to you.

  6. JamieLove says:

    i love my mom! 😀

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