Driver’s Seat Photo Project

Drivers Seat 01

Drivers Seat 02

Drivers Seat 03

Drivers Seat 04

Drivers Seat 05

Drivers Seat 06

Drivers Seat 07

Drivers Seat 08

Drivers Seat 09

Drivers Seat 10

Drivers Seat 12

Drivers Seat 11

Eydie McConnell, Brittny Moore

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6 Responses to Driver’s Seat Photo Project

  1. eydie says:

    all of these are in long beach except two. one of the two is san francisco and one is la.

  2. jaguarpress says:

    This project captures the experience of spontaneous beauty in our every day lives. It is easy to consider driving time to be a dangerous time to snap a photo, but we see that danger breeds art.

  3. gaga approved. thats all.

  4. Ale says:

    the third picture reminds me of dinosaurs.
    these photos are great, i love Long Beach!

  5. KELLY says:

    Do the world a favor and ducktape a camera to your hand Edyie.

  6. brittny says:

    i’m so proud of you girl. you’re getting better and better. go BIG!!!! i love you.

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