For Closure

Missing forever, my year at 7631 Lehigh Place,
Waiting for the knock on the door when they finally say I have to leave.
Wanting to turn the house into a structure fire so that no one else can have it
Squatting in the winter months with no electricity, and no worries
Yelling with Lotus at the Columbia district when we had no money to buy chicken
Fucking Marina in her devil costume on Halloween, fully aware it was no costume
Smoking in the dark shade of the garage on a July afternoon
Seeking fugitive ping-pong balls being harbored by the spiders
Drinking my fourth beer with Brian before 10am the day they buried Mike
Observing chem-trails from the rooftop on Sunday mornings con Jesus
Listening to the lamented chimes of the cemetery gathering
Praying with them from a distance to no God in particular

– Philip Dodd

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