Thanksgiving with the Rescue Mission

The chance to extent the basic material necessities that we all produce and all deserve to those who need it most is a power unto itself. It is not the sort of power that you sit on top of look out over other people and it doesn’t give you the right to tell anyone what to do, but it is utterly liberating. The faces that you see below were not put on for the camera–this is an exhibition of genuine connection between the people at the Mission, photographer Eydie McConnell, Michaël Veremans, and Kyle Veremans.  These photos, these beautiful smiles symbolize the vital bond between artists as those engaged in social struggle. Let’s be thankful that we’re not helpless.



Check out our Charity Art Auction for the LB Rescue Mission. It will be curated by the Jaguar Press and feature numerous Revolutionist:




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2 Responses to Thanksgiving with the Rescue Mission

  1. eydie says:

    i’m glad i got the chance to take these photos. it helped me establish the difference between photographing an event as a journalist, and photographing it as an artist. i like being an artist better than a reporter.

  2. I’m thankful for all of the people putting in their art, their time, and positive energy to make this event a success.

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