The Way Out is Within/Thinking in the Sky at Night

It was always strange, the trick of eyes
When staring off into the black,
Before the clouds had closed
Their down blanket over the sky,
Speckled like dirty mirrors,
And wonder, how near overhead?
Oft the points of light overhead
Wander away from the eyes,
To wonder what metaphor mirrors
All that is fathomless and black,
Up there in the great sky
When most faculties have closed.
Precisely the thoughts closed
As the airplanes flew overhead,
Blinking across the desolate sky.
And so taken were the eyes,
Thus tearing through the black
With a noise that could crack mirrors.
All of the questions it mirrored
And the doors never to be closed,
Turning black upon black
In vain hope that no idea goes overhead.
Reason is lost in the expanse of the eyes
Staring into the bold, dark sky.
And lost in the sea of the sky
That lays smooth as mirrors,
Against a stretched membrane in the eyes,
How the world is infinitely closed
And the stars always overhead
Accent the immense black.
The ambient black finds its mirrors
And the sky has so near in closed,
That we look overhead and see merely eyes.

– painting by Brian Bello, poem by MichaĆ«l Veremans

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2 Responses to The Way Out is Within/Thinking in the Sky at Night

  1. jaguarpress says:

    This piece will be featured in the LB Art Werks Chartiy Art Auction this Saturday, Dec. 12th at 2nd City Council Gallery in Long Beach! Come bid on it for a great cause.

  2. jaguarpress says:

    Now i get to put this up on my wall. Brian Bello, hope to see more of your work on the press!

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