Electromagnetimorphosis by Bryan Walton

Garland by Madison Witte

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3 Responses to Electromagnetimorphosis/Garland

  1. jaguarpress says:

    These two pieces will be available for auction at the Charity Auction Dec 12th at 2nd City Council galleries. Come down and support Jaguar Press artists and the homeless!

  2. jaguarpress says:

    Both of these pieces sold! Hot damn, thank you for supporting us!

    Bryan’s trek through the psycadelic forests of 3-D art yielded a heavy piece, life and death in color and black and white (like the red coat in Schindler’s List) on a found frame. That fucking lightbulb… Congratulations to who ever one it, look out for more…

  3. jaguarpress says:

    Garland speaks for itself, but i’m gonna say a little more. A fucking drive by on a catholic cross on a blood spattered American flag covered in none other than lace. Beautiful.

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