Things Need to Change

Feces festering and fried
in the fat
from a bruised
and beaten
Throats slit
skin stripped
blood drained
bodies hang.
Chunks of lard
from the top
of your
sesame seed bun.
Coagulated blood
sticks to the surface of your
slobbering tongue.
Its fun
to go out late
so you can eat
For just a
buck o’ eight.
Ground cow
compounded down
that drown
stomach acid.
This genocide
We are active in supporting
We are the herds
that march
to the
Its finer
speaking up for what you believe.
We need to wake up!
We need to see!
Things need to change.

– words and painting by Jamie Karson
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3 Responses to Things Need to Change

  1. JamieLove says:

    If not completely turning your life around, by deciding to change your diet, please look at and feel what you are eating or using. What once had life, is now dead, in your hands, in your mouth, on your feet, around your waist. IT feeds you, clothes you. PLease acknowledge the source of meat and animal products. Thats all I want. Awareness.

  2. jaguarpress says:

    Damn right, before you can stage a revolution you have to open your eyes to your own oppression. Dietary fetishization has reduced the health of urban Americans and drastically exploited our society. The treatment of animals directly reflects the treatment of the employees. Revolt! Become aware of what you’re eating.

  3. jaguarpress says:

    I dreamt that all of the people in the world were those cows in the movie Food Inc that just stand in tight spaces in a foot deep of shit all their lives, and they are covered in shit (hence the e.coli contaminations of meat). The cows can’t do anything but stand in shit all day. But there are some cows that try to do fancy dancing or deep thinking in order to change their destinies. However, their destinies remain the same nonetheless and they have wasted all of their time on earth in these frantic neurotic endeavours. The answer to life turns out to be to just release all illusions of control, and accept the fate of the shit standing.
    – MS

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