The Ape (excerpt)

I am an ape
Shedding skin
Constantly peeling
An ape
That forms shapes out of nothing
That lights night
darkens day
I am an ape
Who stares at your primate games
and smirks
Who smells you
The pungent speck
I am a gastrointestinal system
that eats, that drinks the world
and pisses, and shits the world
The conglomeration of particles
to see particles
with forced & innate care
Some harmony of faltering balance
I am an ape
With two eyes
Two options
The idiot dichotomies
I am an ape shedding skin
Constantly peeling
pouring from my skin
With hands that grab things
And the hair & and the wrinkles
And the nails growing out
Nails growing out of my feet
I have skin, I have scars
My teeth are no different
Fixated on some hunger
An ape
Penis fully erect
A tongue lapping
Hairs rising
Sickness of movement
An ape
Rolling the fleshy stone again
In the windows of the flesh
I mirror
I am an ape
An ape
A body
fallen apart
In the shining eyes
Flicker in the dark
Cells that split
The bite of the teeth
The hardest
Eat and want the taste
Hurt to eat
This mine is an ape.

– Alexandre Rodallec

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One Response to The Ape (excerpt)

  1. Alexandre says:

    This is disgusting.

    I like all the comments though. Very informing. There is almost a sense of guilt that can be drawn from the silence. This is the mirrorplace.

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