Inflexion Points and Sex Positive Week

Katie Reinman and Kelly Hamilton Group Show, Inflexion Points

Opening Event: February 7th, 5 p.m., Gatov Gallery, CSU Long Beach

Closing Event: February 11th, 7 p.m., Soroptimist House, CSU Long Beach

1250 Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90840

Jaguar Press presents a multimedia show exploring the metaphysics of the human body and its various states of suspended communication–Inflexion Points. Kelly Hamilton is presenting a selection of provacative photos from a few series that she has been working on since our original Women by Women photo project. Katie Reinman has taken the same concept of exposing the self through a physical medium and applied it to resin effervescing with definition and fine colors. The artists both utilize fabric as an interpretation of personal/public expression, an attempt to visualize the elusive barrier between full self-awareness and the public gaze.

The work will be showing from the 7th to the 11th at the Gatov Gallery East in the beautiful Long Beach State Art Department as a senior art showing. This will be immediately followed by a one evening showing at 7 p.m. on February 11th at the Soroptimist House as a part of the fabulous Sex Positive Week art panel. Sex Week is put on by Feminist Organization Reclaiming Consciousnee and Equality and is designed to shatter the puritanic perceptions of sex and sexuality that keep us from realizing our full identities. Info links in the comments!

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