¡Long Beach Community Rally and Demonstration!

Support the Community and let your Voice be heard! Jaguar Press, in conjungtion with Citizens United for a Sustainable Peace are holding a community rally to support gay rights, sustainable peace, and to show solidarity in Long Beach as the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) rolls through town. Facebook event here: Not in my Town.

Friday, February 19th, 6 p.m.

Long Beach Convention Center

300 E. Ocean Blvd., LB, CA 90802

We will meet at the Performing Arts Center and then walk over together to the protest area.

The WBC are notorious fundamentalists whose reactionary campaign has perpetually targeted alternative sexualities and peace through equality. They preach their fatalistic view of humanity through hateful messages and demonstrations and now they’re coming to Long Beach–Not in my Town! They will be protesting at the LB Convention Center starting at 7 p.m. and we will be there to meet them. We will sheild the surrounding community by completely encircling their protest and cutting off the hate at the source.

Bring out your signs, art, glow-in-the-dark/light-up things, and voices to form a ring around the WBC protestors. We want to show them that we support love, equality, and unity, so we want to emphasized the non-violent nature of this rally. There are still numerous laws on the books that regulate the way two people can love eachother and Prop. 8 hasn’t been repealed yet. We are organizing to support (free) love–the only cure for hate.

Emphasize love and not hate with your signs, don’t be afraid to be funny, WBC won’t get the joke, but the rest of the public will be able to feel the hope we all have for a sustainable future. For those of you with transportation, WBC will be protesting at the Jewish Community Center on Willow, Wilson High School on 7th, and the Beth Shalom Synagogue on Elm throughout the day, ending at the Convention Center.

Bring your friends and carpool. Se hable español.

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3 Responses to ¡Long Beach Community Rally and Demonstration!

  1. jaguarpress says:

    Momentum is building, check the local media and the other groups supporting our rally. Stay tuned for speakers.

  2. jaguarpress says:

    Statement from Long Beach Unified and Wilson High:

    “On Friday, Feb. 19th at 2:45 pm, a group of protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas will be protesting in front of our school. Their platforms are anti-gay and anti-Semitic messages. This will be an opportunity for u s to witness our Constitutional rights in action. The hateful messages of prejudice that these protesters have chosen to spread can incite strong feeling in us, but we must remain civil and respect the fact that these demonstrators have the rig ht to vocalize their opinions under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Although we do not share this groups points of view, we must appreciate that these protesters hold the right to express them.

    “Please note that the Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education has adopted strict policies prohibiting harassment of students based upon race, culture, religion, gender and sexual preference. We take these policies seriously and do not tolerate such behavior amon g our students. In addition, the safety of our students, parents and staff is always our primary concern, and we are working closely with police and our School Safety Office to make certain that this event does not threaten public safety.

    “I ask that we as parents use this opportunity as a teachable moment to discuss with your children how we can learn from this event.

    “Thank you!”

  3. David Hook says:

    A few weeks after I moved to Kansas (for economic reasons) I had to ask one of my coworkers: What is with the crazy signs on Gage Blvd.? I had seen the “god hates fags” group on TV, but somehow I had convinced myself that they only existed in the news. I couldn’t believe it, and it still bothers me to see little children out there marching in the rain holding these disgusting messages of hate.

    When I started to read about their planned trip to Long Beach, my first reaction was one of shame. Which is silly, because I just moved to here, but irrationally I felt like my decision to live in the same area as these whackjobs was in some way a failing. Every time I see an article hailing them as the group from Kansas, or more specifically Topeka, I cringe a little bit.

    That said, I was born in Long Beach, raised and educated there… and I’ve never been more proud of my home town than seeing it respond to this group’s pathetic attempt to make headlines with their “gospel” of hatred. Thanks to everyone who helped get the word out–maybe other cities will learn from your example and realize that the best “cure” for free speech is exercising your own right to it.

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