Survey for Revolutionary Potential

It seems like everyday, the revolution draws nearer. The prevailing fascist regime has at every turn sought to mitigate the class tension in the country by through thin political compromise and threats of violence/imprisonment/or fine, making even the most progressive legislation ultimately reactionary. We, as international inhabitants, have been divided on repeat by our race, our gender, our work, forced to fight each other so that desperation on the right and death on the left form blinders. We cannot see our unity of thought and life.

The crimes committed against the people by international capitalism’s public irresponsibility (otherwise known as imperialism, racism, sexism, and environmental degredation) don’t need to be reiterated. Everything is not peaceful—we are a nation at war.

While violence abroad reflects the institutional violence in the streets and domestic violence in the home, we, the struggling class, find ourselves in relatively comfortable environs. We are sitting on cushions, these pieces of furniture that provide a thin layer down between our inviolable bodies and the hard, eternal ground. Reclining under the IV of consumerist opiates, we don’t feel our bones grating against our skin that grates against the pavement grating against the earth.

Protest by Travis Ott Conn and Trina Turturici

We don’t see that the very tools we need to liberate ourselves are already within our hands.

The rights gained by centuries of struggle in the United States and abroad have secured us near universal access to freedom of expression when the cops aren’t around. Speaking freely, publishing without censorship, and organizing our ideas and our energy are permitted under the law to the extent necessary to activate a revolution—although the privacy of these communications cannot be guaranteed. We have the means to broadly connect and mobilize the base in order to revolutionize and re-orient the deleterious hierarchies of our time and direct the media towards a massive cultural shift.

The rotten bloom of capitalism, in its irresponsibly blind greed, has produced the material climate for revolution in the United States of America and the larger, borderless world. The relative ease of communication and freedom of transportation is punctuated by the opportunity to utitize the plastic tools of social change denied most movements internationally—money and the means to ensure the security of the people… arms.

In the midst of a catastrophic credit crisis, financial firms continue to flood the public with credit card offers. We are encouraged to consume in the red and fetishize money purely electronic, unless we withdraw it from ATMs and cash-back stores. Even the most “high risk” applicants among us of us seem to deserve some free money on credit, enough to secure essential material means anyway. A few fortunate slaves in America’s not-so-distant past worked up enough capital to buy their freedom back with the same cash that enslaved them and so those of us exploited by credit today are responsible to mobilize that debt-money for personal liberation.

The fire arm is the only way that a citizen of any of the communites across America can defend themselves from “the rise of a fascist state,” according to Bolaño.

America is one of the largest arms manufacturing countries in the world and many of these lethal goods are available for purchase within US limits, including assault rifles and grenade launchers. Mexican border cartels have been taking advantage of this unique freedom just to their north for years, ferrying thousands of weapons across the border to wage wars based on economic competition and local terror. In popular culture, we still see guns lauded, but we have forgot how to use them. With the lift of the assault weapons ban, let it not be said that we lack the tools of revolution.

The massive lower class—counting more than a hundred million—are increasingly alienated from our work and our lives. Every laborer is being pushed to the edge of exploitation: gorced to smile and work off the clock. Increasing hordes of unemployed, underemployed, and tragically devalued citizens and immigrants  sit in their consumer novicaine-paradise waiting for their imitation release valves. Drugs and petty-theft can’t relieve the desperation that revolution will so Rise Up!

The middle classes—the debt-shackled financiers of empire—can see our houses taken away by the very institutions our tax money has gone to bail out. We are complicit with the worst of exploitations by birth, a cultural buffer zone manipulated to support capitalist hegemony through petty bribery and ersatz happiness. Our children cry as California wildfires burn homes down around us so Rise Up!

And to the rich—wallowing amongst their well-appointed fetters—maybe you see the disenfranchisement being experienced across the globe, maybe you feel the urge to quit the cycle of debt and desperation before it catches up to you. No one is free unless everyond is free and freedom from universal oppression lays in revolution so Rise Up!

Everybody who has ever felt the urge to revolt against the prevailing capitalist authorities—be they institutions, ideas, or individuals—remembers the lesson of Harper’s Ferry. In 1859, John Brown and a dedicated group of abolitionists managed to storm a US armory in slave-state West Virginia in an attempt to arm nearby slaves and instigate a sincere slave rebellion. The members of that revolutionary group were either shot during the subsequent siege or hung from a tree after being captured, but the spirit leaves us gasping: if only.

We have been led to believe the false notion that this country is peaceful; it is not. It writhes and screams in prisons, at home, and on the street. This trained docility has led us to view the potential for lasting change as remote, but the means are at hand and the guards are disgruntled. There are hundreds of groups of sound minded progressive and “extremists” waiting like lighter fluid for a spark, and a small contingency is all we need to begin. This revolutionary flint fraction would affect a reactionary putsch, which would in turn mobilize the entire country into action as the cracks in the system start to leek blood. We want international revolution for anyone seeking to establish a refuge against capitalism. So Rise Up! This is a call to arms, a call to alarm.

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    Nice rappin’

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