This Day and Age: Introducing Mutual Defense of the Left

Three weeks ago a student was attacked based on their identity alone. the administration covered up the case originally, but last week released details—transgender student has the word IT carved into his chest in an upper campus bathroom. To say that this is surprising for this area and this day and age is preposterous! Prop 8 was passed a little over a year ago and neo-Nazi/militant right groups across America and in particular Southern California have swelled. In Arizona, the police can now pull over any suspected “immigrant” and demand their identity or face deporation. It seems like systemic violence and prejudice is doing just fine, so what are we doing to stop it?

Let me put it this way—if the student who was assaulted in upper campus by a right-wing extremist had, say, a gun on them, would they have been attacked? Many elements on the right routinely laud, carry, and discharge various types of firearms. This makes us on the left fear groups like the NRA, the Minutemen, the KKK, and the cops. In this capacity, the mere presence of guns is enough to deter most would be rebels from fighting for liberation. Think about how many times the cop in your head told you not to do something because you might get shot.

They, however, slaughter and maim and terrorize millions of our brothers and sisters a year. How long do we have to keep apologizing and forgiving peacefully? Did George Washington sit back and say, “Well we can’t take up arms, that’s a little too far”? We, the oppressed and the true anarchists must provide for mutual self-defense. Extremists who would attack us need to know that we will defend each other and ourselves by any means and that violent bigotry will not be tolerated.

If you’re gonna say, I wish we didn’t have to use violence, you can’t fight violence with violence—think about what you’re saying. It is bourgeois and irresponsible—most of all it’s lazy. In a society built on radical exploitation and unprecedented social pressure, we have the right to break away by all means. If you try to quell people by bringing up Gandhi or MLK, then do what they did and take to the streets! You so-called liberals are discouraging real action—we need pirate solidarity here! Become a lawyer, donate to Anarchist Black Cross, We need individual efforts for collective action!

So when you’re walking home from your classes where everyone is open minded and forward thinking, remember that peace of mind needs to be protected. I am not advocating initiating violence, but the first blow has already come and it keeps coming until we have the presence of mind to change it. This is not an original idea, this is what Malcolm X was all about—taking back peace through massive mobilization and mutual-defense.

The real question is: why are we trying to fit into their system by being passive when we can create our own society where no one has to fear for their lives because of their life choices. It is our constitutional right and humanitarian obligation to provide for mutual defense, send out the message that we will not turn the other cheek. We have so much beauty and diversity to protect. So militarize and stand up for our comrades, you will save lives and send a powerful message: justice and peace are not elusive.

– Written by Michaël Veremans

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