chapter one.
i visited my old friend the sun
where he took me by the hand
and sang jazz lullabies
and moved my puppet strings
with his fiery fingertips
i discovered dancing
soon after he stood me up
showed me what i looked like
as if i had never seen my face before
which i hadn’t
playtime was over
existence ceased
commencing the existence of details
a civilian coup
where the cracks in the paint
lines in the blinds
the asbestos in the popcorn
hairs on my arms
threads which make up blanket
strays which make up lint
took over for the night
that the sun was out
the details were done hiding
behind bigger pictures
behind stained-glass-stone-walls
flat pallets
and stationary bodies
holding within themselves
scared children in captivity
who seek only to dance
to dance and to love
and to discover what the two
even are
i stumbled onto his body
where his abdomen
bubbled up
minion hands
massaging my limbs
like dough
into ball
into balls
and reformation
of brain
mind body
and soul
the sun touched my face that was fading
kissed my forehead
and looked at me with a face that says nothing other than
i understand
acquiescence is necessary not to survive
but to be alive
just this once

– Ira Gray

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