Letter to A Radical Synthesis 07/07/10

Here is my letter to all of you—organize and fight! No one believed Miguel, the Chilean revolutionary, that the rifle and spent round is the standard of the capitalist chauvinists. Despite the fact that we now believe, we’re still arrested, beaten, and murdered everyday in the name of some kind of “justice”—we know the real crimes committed against the people, animals, the environment. They are the crimes that are so far flung and deep creeping that most of us don’t even have the courage to pronounce them yet.
Well shout it! Let your crude combustibles do the talking. You’ll find that we fear our masters’ whip more now than our own strength—we’re ready change (fuck Obama). You can tell by what the people say nowadays—“violence is part of the problem,” or, “things will always be the same (sigh),” and then, “well what would be better?”—that our minds are open to alternatives.
Our collective intuitions are revolutionary all-ready. We have been put through the gauntlets of fear (social pressure, financial pressure, legal pressure) so often that we even start to fear ourselves. We’ve internalized the police who check our thought crimes and cripple any potential for action. Let’s get free.

Feel it deep, look for the signs on street corners, down bled corridors. Nothing has really changed about the capitalist system and that is why we must ensure that progress happens. For ourselves, our families, friends, strangers (and future generations) writhing with helpless angst in the most comprehensive and subtle repression in the contradictory age of capitalism dressed as “democracy.”
The currents running underground are stronger and larger now than ever, but they haven’t been socialized, haven’t been radicalized. This is our mission—bring solidarity to the desolate, faith to the cynical, hope to the downtrodden. Be the light that leads the suffering to liberation. We seek to build a sincerely underground intergenerational anarchist network that can support our goals materially and ideologically, a mutual defense by the people and not for religions, homelands, bosses, or any other institution of control.
Material observation forces us to accept that a large group of Americans (perhaps even the majority) live in relative comfort. We have houses, stores full of bread and imported shit, gasoline for cars, and credit if they can’t afford these things immediately. We know that many non-essential amenities are abundant and we recognize that they are just the ghosts of fulfillment or security and we remain the unconsoled dead. Well, these are the tools of revolution, seize them—Gandhi said it, “They are not in control, we are.”

A life of debt and wage slavery is like a crystal castle built on Southern Californian sands and the earthquake is coming!
Symbolically speaking, we have been infected by capitalism. So, there are three illnesses afflicting the American people—the conscious revolutionary in particular—that can be summed up in three heavy words: Isolation, Fear, and Debt. Let me address them briefly as a three-pronged agenda for social change: Decolonization, Decolonialization, and construction of a Free Society.
Capitalism does now and has always exploited human division in order to concentrate wealth in the upper class. We are separated from each other by a complex assortment of social boundaries (“that person looks shadey,” unequal education, etc.) and actual physical apartheid (police barricades, the wall on the US-Mexico border, etc.). The result of this is the deterioration of our humanity and a life of struggle in ignorance. We can free ourselves and reconnect with humanity by removing ourselves as colonial subjects. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” is the solution according to Bob Marley. Relearn the people’s history, practice love and compassion as your religion rather than greed and impotence. As Peter Young put it, there is a cop in our brains that censors our thoughts with irrational fear of punishment—kill that cop before he kills you.

The American marketing machine and so-called information industry utilize fear as their primary tool to influence public opinion and social/consumer behavior. We know this because we are encouraged to be afraid of just about everything from trusting others to fighting for change. We need to eliminate this fear, which my mom describes as the polar opposite of love, by decolonializing our society, that is, directing liberation efforts not only at ourselves but at our community and destabilizing the institutions of global capitalism. Kennedy touched on the problem during the grassroots social change of the 60’s when he noted that when people aren’t given justice within the system, they find it without. Direct action and public education are everyone’s responsibility.
Did you get your bill in the mail? Most Americans (and indeed many people internationally) have been in debt, are in debt, or will be in debt financially if not by some sort of social obligation (like, “I can’t quit, the boss likes me,” alcoholism, etc.). This is the source of our stress and the scourge of personal relationships. This is how our capitalist society keeps itself afloat—artificially—and amounts to contemporary wage slavery. So we’re doing more than just tear it down, we are constructing a New Nation where there is no capital exchange, no exploitation or financial obligation (that is rent, taxes, etc.). This means strengthening underground infrastructure and compassionate exchange across the board. If the radical movement can secure food, clothes, shelter, counseling, and other amenities outside of the system, we will build up what Abbie Hoffman called a Free Society for the benefit, not exploitation, of all.
This means we must do more than just survive, we must live the revolution and recognize the struggle against division and oppression as a force that gives us life. Evolution is inevitable. But we don’t have to pretend to be perfect human beings—but we won’t stop fighting till we free our minds, free our sisters and brothers, and build up the new world according to principles of love for all life infused with social justice and communal responsibility.

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  1. I love how the article is followed by ads by google… Keep doing your thing.

  2. jaguarpress says:

    No google ads appear on my screen.

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