My Project – The Center for Creative Cultivation

Dearest Friends,

Please take a few minutes to read this heartfelt and serious letter because this project is EPIC, no joke.

A few years ago I started dreaming of creating a space that would allow my friends and I to live and work artistically while benefiting the community.

Growing up in Los Angeles I wanted nothing more than to get out. This desert oasis seemed nothing but shallow and seedy to my little bitter gothy brains. Countless days of loitering and painting on the beach did not satisfy. My sophomore year the LAUSD eliminated most, if not all, art programs from schools. I saw the wood shop, metal shop, art, and photography lab get demolished. I left and graduated from high school early knowing one thing for certain: being a teenager fucking sucks.

As time passed, I started to get out more, connect with more people, and become inspired. Happiness and creativity was now accessible and tangible. I started djing and found an entirely new passion for music beyond the years of classical training and school band (yeah, I played flute, laugh it up). This alarming and beautiful revelation not only made me proud to be a part of the Los Angeles community, but also inspired me reach out to younger people and offer a place for them to explore unconventional arts in it. After assembling a crack team of super friends, The Center for Creative Cultivation was born.

As I said, this is no joke. This is happening. We’re a non-profit organization – and this is a call to arms.

Within the next few months we will have a base of operations (ideally a warehouse-type location) that will provide enough space to work on a variety of projects and host an after-school program. The idea is that kids will be able to show up and use our resources and supplies to work on their own art or take part in various lessons on Really Cool Stuff (spray paint, metal sculpture, movie making, electric guitar the possibilities are endless…) The instructors will be local artists with the desire to reach out, inspire, and be honest with kids about working in the modern art world (if this describes you, message me!). People will also be on staff to assist anyone who wants to build a portfolio or apply to art school. By doing this we’ll get to spread the message that art and music are not a waste of time, but an incredibly important part of life that you can live every day. Seriously, how cool would it have been when you were younger to have a place to go hang out, be silly, and make art? LA needs a place like this!

Starting now we’re building a community. We’re throwing fundraisers, writing massive grants, and planting little seeds of interest in people’s delicious brain meats. This call to arms is for anyone interested in participating, supporting, or creating with us. We meet on a weekly basis and right now we’re especially looking for venues, donations (tax write-off, hmmm?), and art for exhibition, as well as general collaborators who’d like to bring something to the table (these will turn into actual JOBS (like, real ones) as time goes on). There will also be parties, which you should attend. This is my dream, and I’m going to try my damnedest to make it happen, and any support and input from the peanut gallery that is my life is beyond appreciated. If nothing else, join our facebook group, tell your friends, and help us in making the blossoming LA art community accessible for the younger generation.

Our facebook group:

Our fantastic website (still under construction, but coming VERY soon):

– Sally Stinnett

Digital art by Nemo


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