Letter to a Radical Synthese 10/07/10

“Either the struggle is worth a war or it is not”— Mao

The revolution is now. It starts first in our minds and ends in the street of every land. We need to do everything we can to advance revolutionary culture, thought and practice that can reach across all fronteras for liberation.

We know now that we are not yet free. We are hardly allowed to do what we must to secure our free lives—and it’ll cost more than we could ever hope to steal. The political environment we are subject to are patently corrupt and staunchly imperialistic, both domestically and internationally. Because of this, we adapt to survive. We feel hopeless in the face of debt, desolation and the barrel of a gun that we will suppress revolutionary thought and action simply to convince themselves that we are not impotent or lost. But we need to see (and correct the fact) that we are standing against ourselves when we give in to capitalism—check out “Wolves” by Dead Prez for an illuminating parable. It seems like their complete oppressiveness and our own complementary self-destruction go hand in hand—there is murder and ATMs on every street. This is a cycle we can end!

Our battles are cut out for us—we are establishing a revolutionary culture with accompanying underground infrastructure. Once we have regained our mental and physical health, then we will begin to see justice and peace at home and abroad. We are seeing that we can fight for freedom and win.

But we do not want to fight our oppressed siblings, we want to fight the system that oppresses them (and all systems that become non-consensual; that means staying critical). We do not have to convince the so-called masses, only remove their collars—they will know freedom when they really taste it. Be a positive example to our peers and a beacon to the those struggling in this darkness—the downtrodden and those who have convinced themselves that we are comfortable. We must be a scourge to authority—overthrow the blinders and snap the reins!

Compañeras, compañeros, the time to initiate change is now! It won’t be easy and freedom won’t come fast—that is why fundamental societal change is the only thing in this use-once-then-throw-away world that is worth while. Let the revolution be our one truth, a renewable source of energy that fuels the fire in our voice and fist.

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