The Struggle of the Democratic Class

Dead Forms of Democracy
        Disfigured Bureaucracy
              And the Demise of Dreams
As we sweep our feet of labored dust
Ancestries of slaveries swallow
Our good intentions,
Bodies Combust
Combative minds lose trust 
in their own wisdom,
We’re left with only an ability to choose
The types of liberties to lose
Dead Forms of Democracy
         Vote for each Breath
             The Drilling Demise of Dreams
Wet with struggle
Blood, sweat, tears,
Mystics hide in bottles of distilled agave and beer
Who can help the trend of silence?
The public fills the streets to peer through
Gun barrels and blood stained sheets
Dead Forms of Democracy
        Indebted till Death
           There lies your American Dream
Smog that seeps into blackened lungs
Hearts that pump liquid as hot as
A combusting Sun
Reverence and eloquence in words withdrawl
As actions become more than painted verbs on a wall,
The scene of an all out brawl
Between an unarmed crowd and a unwritten law.
Dead Forms of Democracy.

– Angel Rodriquez, somewhere in Mexico.

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