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Morir en el Sur

Dedicated to everyone on death row. You gotta die somehow in the south— Why wait for fate? Make my last stand a glorious blaze, Grab my pistol and claim my place. Two drinks too many, Whilin’ down the side lanes. … Continue reading

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Thanks for giving me a day to promote Female assimilation into male culture!

By Racoon Today is International Women’s day, the one day a year where we get to celebrate womyn’s academic, social and economic achievements in history. Today we get to celebrate how well we worked to assimilate into the white male … Continue reading

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Salt Dawg’s First Aid/Trauma Kit.

Having taken both EMT-Basic Course, Combat Life Savers Course and spent almost a decade in the military I have carried my share of medical equipment. One of the worst things is having to carry a heavy, awkward and large medical … Continue reading

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California First Aid Kit

Since attending a recent first aid training at the local Red Cross, I’ve become increasingly interested in first aid and preparedness in general. I wouldn’t call myself a “prepper,” but I do like to have a robust first aid kit … Continue reading

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Fixed Position Camera Embedded in the Noise and Mess

I. Make a crescendo of personal experiences and intersperse it with the war scene so people don’t forget. A boy once dreamed Of the barrel of the gun And when he woke up He didn’t tell anyone… II. The blast … Continue reading

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Conversation about being active for Bastion Project

I’ve adapted the idea of being active from a discussion I had with the Bastion Project out of Gothenburg, Sweden. The broad scope of digital media has drawn our attention solely to theories and ideas and alienated us from action. … Continue reading

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Planet X

I am a mysterious planet (call me X) you are a space explorer asking why? and there is so much space between us— light years of silence fill my life, an eternity of waiting for your wandering soul. My pulsars … Continue reading

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