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California First Aid Kit

Since attending a recent first aid training at the local Red Cross, I’ve become increasingly interested in first aid and preparedness in general. I wouldn’t call myself a “prepper,” but I do like to have a robust first aid kit … Continue reading

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Letter to a Radical Synthese 10/07/10

“Either the struggle is worth a war or it is not”— Mao The revolution is now. It starts first in our minds and ends in the street of every land. We need to do everything we can to advance revolutionary … Continue reading

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On Grand Jury Resistance

On Grand Jury Resistance by Press Officer Nicoal Sheen With the recent arrest, grand jury indictment and imprisonment of Jordan Halliday in Utah, as well as Carrie Feldman and Scott DeMuth in Minnesota, our right to silence has become the … Continue reading

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Letter to A Radical Synthesis 07/07/10

Here is my letter to all of you—organize and fight! No one believed Miguel, the Chilean revolutionary, that the rifle and spent round is the standard of the capitalist chauvinists. Despite the fact that we now believe, we’re still arrested, … Continue reading

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El Vivo desde el Otro Lado

Grooves Grooves No. 2: En Vivo Desde El Otro Lado Latin America is united in its struggle against oppression, whether it is inflicted by foreign powers or from a minority military regime. In the US we are taught as school … Continue reading

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these tits          are a man’s tits and this clit          is a man’s clit this soft skin          my narrow shoulders                   my tiny feet                          my childlike hands                   belong to a man a proud man a man who has to truly become a … Continue reading

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Independence Cha-Cha in a recent podcast mix focusing on contemporary African music, state that “Africa is the future” and while I believe this is an undeniable truth, the future wont sound like a Fela Kuti record released in 1975, but rather … Continue reading

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