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Thanks for giving me a day to promote Female assimilation into male culture!

By Racoon Today is International Women’s day, the one day a year where we get to celebrate womyn’s academic, social and economic achievements in history. Today we get to celebrate how well we worked to assimilate into the white male … Continue reading

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California First Aid Kit

Since attending a recent first aid training at the local Red Cross, I’ve become increasingly interested in first aid and preparedness in general. I wouldn’t call myself a “prepper,” but I do like to have a robust first aid kit … Continue reading

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The Heartbeat that Rattles the (fuckin) Jaguar Cage [Part 1]

~~On the Run Restating (let the lover be, alone) life is a joke— When there’s war in the streets there’s peace in the alleys: Batons and Rifles and somewhere secret animal teeth. II. An Immigrant Text -wat it do?               -lost … Continue reading

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Three Part Mandatory Letter to the Dean of Judicial Affairs

Three Part Mandatory Letter to the Dean of Judicial Affairs (Please Don’t Take My Financial Aid Away) Reflective essay I come from a poor family. Two generations ago (and even during my lifetime) my family was picking cotton and herding … Continue reading

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My Project – The Center for Creative Cultivation

Dearest Friends, Please take a few minutes to read this heartfelt and serious letter because this project is EPIC, no joke. A few years ago I started dreaming of creating a space that would allow my friends and I to … Continue reading

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El Vivo desde el Otro Lado

Grooves Grooves No. 2: En Vivo Desde El Otro Lado Latin America is united in its struggle against oppression, whether it is inflicted by foreign powers or from a minority military regime. In the US we are taught as school … Continue reading

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These are Black Days of Insurgency

These are black days of insurgency Where we put the fire on the line And hope the cigarette burns down, Bursting the bars we stare through. Waiting numb for the pain, The sun light of everything, Filtered down and shifted … Continue reading

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