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The Heartbeat that Rattles the (fuckin) Jaguar Cage [Part 1]

~~On the Run Restating (let the lover be, alone) life is a joke— When there’s war in the streets there’s peace in the alleys: Batons and Rifles and somewhere secret animal teeth. II. An Immigrant Text -wat it do?               -lost … Continue reading

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Nuestra Tierra: A Revolutionary Song

My guitar is not for the rich no, nothing like that. My song is of the ladder we are building to reach the stars. For a song has meaning when it beats in the veins of a man who will … Continue reading

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Survey for Revolutionary Potential

It seems like everyday, the revolution draws nearer. The prevailing fascist regime has at every turn sought to mitigate the class tension in the country by through thin political compromise and threats of violence/imprisonment/or fine, making even the most progressive … Continue reading

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Things Need to Change

Feces festering and fried in the fat from a bruised and beaten body of a bloody swollen cow. Throats slit skin stripped blood drained bodies hang. Chunks of lard drip drop from the top of your sesame seed bun. Coagulated … Continue reading

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Electromagnetimorphosis by Bryan Walton

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The Way Out is Within/Thinking in the Sky at Night

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A Cat and Spider’s Paradise/Brooklyn

A rusty squeak clears the din Of natal combustion. The alley’s hiding skinned knees Mysteries of access, Lost on the webs of para-transit. Under that mountain is a sea of oil We drink it and cry and smoke, Concrete tear … Continue reading

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