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Arrest Narrative, March 2nd Day of Action, 2011

The Day of Action lasted from noon on Wednesday, March 2nd, culminating in a rally on the front steps of Wheeler Hall at 1700 in defense of education. Dozens of student, labor and political groups and hundreds of people showed … Continue reading

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la Realidad y Muerte, a March Hare Parable

I. A dim dawn stretched out on the horizon as a simple farmer awoke, stretching his rough hands towards that enduring ceiling known as the great grey sky. This man was the kind of farmer who used all the latest … Continue reading

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The Entreaty

She just stood there. Semi-smile, white hot, waning crescent moon; bullshit eating grin. Just stood there; I’m glad its awkward. I guess I should count myself lucky that she wasn’t actually thumping my forehead with that bible I’m sure was … Continue reading

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Unican! Flash Fiction

Rodney Razzle, Syndicated Citizen Journalist Xttp:// Password: ********* Scoop time again, dear readers! And do I have something you can sink your teeth into! I was on my way back from my bi-annual pigmentation in Rio, when who did I … Continue reading

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Retracing Underground Tunnels

Two hours from the border and the glowing red light beeping from the backseat was already developing into a metal clanging sound in his ears. The rush of his worn wheels peeling down the black highway added a low buzz … Continue reading

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The House of the New Beginning

Out Close to dark. The streetlamps were burning. (And tonight was the first time he really noticed them—how strange). He was driving before the sky became so bruised, and somehow he came to the house. The lions were what he … Continue reading

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He would kill him behind the cantina; this much he knew for sure. Jaime Guerra had a knack for ending lives in a quiet, out-of-sight manner that gained him much fame with the local gangsters. This, along with the obscene … Continue reading

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